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and everything else you need to let the world know that you're a star.


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Blues, Rock, Country, Alternative, or whatever your scene, one of the hardest parts of building up a fan base, aside from displaying your great talent and sound, is getting them to remember your name. We have the goods to help you do just that. Need custom guitar picks to toss into the crowd? No problem. Need to print up some handbills for your next gig? Do it here. Need to get your band name or logo plastered across the chest of your newest groupie? We've got the t-shirts to do it.
The big stars don't have all this stuff just because they have money, they have it because they know it's great advertising for the band. And it's advertising that works. Why not treat yourself and your fans to something a little special this next gig. Get your name out there and give us a try. You won't be disappointed. At the World Rock Shop we take care of you like a star.